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Personnel Directory

If you know the name of the person you need to contact. Please find their name in the list below and call the corresponding phone number.

Administrative Office

Mark Swetz Comptroller x3015
Jim Rectenwald Accountant x3020
Rachel Fritz Accountant x3057
Andrea McKee Accountant x3019
Joann Bauer Human Resource Assistant x3018
Joan Reese Rehabilitation Admin. x3021
Randall Boggs Systems Administrator x3024
Gloria Page Project Manager x3014
Erik Spiegel Director of A & E Services   x3056
Herb Dougherty Purchasing  x3023
Linda Metz Executive Secretary x3012
Larry Miller Management Aide x3046
Kim Von Schlichten Admin Assistant/Property Manager x3032
Bill Guldenschuh Accounting/Purchasing x3068
Larry Rega Maintenance Supervisor x3027

Housing Inspectors
Kelley Boggs Chief Inspector x3028
Eric Halaszynski Inspector x3036
Keith Ferrier Inspector x3031

Rental Services

Carrie Lucotch Rental Serv. Supervisor x3029
Cynthia Jones

Rental Service

Tim McBride Rental Service x3037
Lynn Wackenhuth Director of Hope in Life Program x3042
Meredith Copeland Receptionist x3034

Section 8 Office
Dave Kushner Section 8 Coordinator x3043
Janet George Management Aide - Applications x3054
Valerie Topper Downs Management Aide x3040
Jennifer Ponzetti Management Aide x3044
Betty Godich Management Aide x3053
Chris Stillitano Management Aide x3039
Caroline Wertz Management Aide x3041
Robin Meadows

FSS Program

Cheryl Messner FSS Program x3048
Marci Plyler FSS Program x3060
Julia Pickett FSS Program x3045

Weath Messages Weatherization Phone Messages x3030
Andy Chop Weatherization Auditor x3065
Cheryl Daniels Weatherization Assistant x3033
Ted Adamerovich Weatherization Auditor x3067
John Marnell Admin Director x3025
Dan Muir Weatherization Furnace Tech x3066

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